A young teen stands in their room. It just so happens that on the 26th day of June, will be this young fellow's 18th birthday. Although they've been given a name before, it was only until recently that they have chosen their own new name!What happens to be this individual's name?

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Examine room.

Heads up, this is kinda long.Your name is KRIS. Although your room may not show it, you have a good amount of INTERESTS.You also have AUTISM. You'd rather not have anyone use TONE INDICATORS around you, and as a forewarning, you will not use any as well. You tend to be PLAYFULLY MEAN most times, so you want to preface that you mean NOTHING OF WHAT YOU SAY. If anyone wants you to STOP, then they're more than welcome to ask.As for your interests, you have a passion for GROSS FLESH STUFF, like BODY HORROR and GORE.You are really into HOMESTUCK, so much so you've CLASSPECTED yourself as a KNIGHT of BREATH with a PROSPITIAN LUNAR SWAY.You enjoy playing RPGS and INDIE GAMES. You particularly like playing TERRARIA and the DISGAEA series. You also enjoy WRITING and DRAWING, but you tend to be LAZY at times so your output is somewhat sparse.There are other things you're into as well, such as: ONE PIECE, YUME NIKKI, MOTHER, UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE, DOOM, LISA, SRB2 and some OTHER THINGS you possibly forgot about.You identify as NON-BINARY, but it's really just something you've clung onto because you're NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE, but you don't really care much about that though. You use ANY PRONOUNS, although you have preference towards THEY/THEM. You are also PANSEXUAL.There are probably some OTHER THINGS you haven't mentioned, but nothing else really comes to mind.What will you do now?

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Kris: Check list of socials.

This here is a list of the some of accounts you own.It includes some of your accounts from sites such as:
You also have a DISCORD account at the username "kris_mcstabberson".
You're also a part of a few ONLINE PROJECTS that are currently in development:

> Kris: Reach the end.

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Kris: Reach the end.

That's about it for now.Shoutouts to my good pal @tupnemmal for helping me with some of the panels! Outside of Tup's help, I did everything else myself, so thank you for reading this!I had an older carrd before this one that's still up. So if you want to view it, just click on any of the panels.

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